Table Calling System

 The Calling waiter is an effective low cost wireless system to improve customer service for restaurant, pubs and bar.
The Calling waiter consist of micro button and display that allows customers to summon staff anywhere on site,
including patios or beer gardens. The Calling waiter units are attractive,
compact micro buttons that can be secured to walls, desks of tables, and exposed to all weathers.
After press button, Bell send signals to the Display that a customer needs attention.
 Wrist: VHP3/VBP3   Wrist: VHP3/VBP3   Display: VM330
 Code : W-VHP3    Code : W-VHP3   Code : D-VM330
 CW1-01   CW1-02   Display-01
 Code : CW1-01    Code : CW1-02   Code : Display-01
  Display-02   Watch pager-01   Repeater
 Code : Display-02    Code : Watch pager-01   Code : Repeater
  Watch Receiver K200C   Display Receiver P-300    CW3-01
 Code : WR-K200C    Code : D-RP-300    Code : CW3-01

 Restaurant Paging System

 Restaurant pagers are a perfect tool to help you increase sales and improve services.

With our restaurant pagers, beepers and buzzers your operation will receive several key benefits.

  Coaster Paging System    Coaster Paging System Display    Paging System
 Code : PS-01    Code : PS-D-01   Code : PS-02
  LRS Paging System        
 Code : LRS-01