What is Calling waiter and Why does it matter to you?


Getting the waiter's attention can be easily done by just a touch on the wireless bell!

Theres absolutely no need to yell out across the room or call him with a loud Heyyy! or Orderrrr! 

The Calling waiter improve atmosphere in your restaurant 


Calling Waiter System includes bell transmitter (service bell) and display receiver.

Usually the button were installed on each room or table, and the  display receiver is installed at the service desk.

When guest need service, they only need to press the button, the call numbers of the table and service type

will be conveyed to and showed on the Wireless Display, Voice prompt are available for waiter can provide the service in time.

In a Restaurant, Shouting is not necessary for service, the dining environment is greatly appreciated,

also you can save the cost of employee wages.